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Welcome to this site, written by Morten Wilhelm Petersen, born on the 10th of May 1980, in Levanger, Norway.

The reason this website was created, was to document the reasons why Morten chose to leave Norway, what you should think about before leaving Norway, and document the whole process of leaving, before under and after.

As to why Morten is leaving, here's a short story for now:

"In the spring/early summer for 2020, I decided that what I had experienced in Norway since I was young, and up until that time, was unacceptable, and I was angry and sad."

"The only solution I saw for dealing with the situation, was leaving Norway, finding another country I could spend the rest of my life in. Today, little over a year later, I'm glad I made that decision, because it has made it much easier to deal with my emotions and thoughts about it all. Some people might think I'm distant and not that interested in different kinds of relationships, and I guess that's partially still the case, but now that I've made it public that I am leaving, I feel what's necessary to know about me is out there, and someone won't feel betrayed if I later come out and say I'm leaving."

I think many people will wonder why I'm leaving, and why I'm writing about it, in such a loud way if you will. Well, I think there is one word that covers the why I'm leaving, and that's time. And one word covers why I'm writing about it, and that is [the] lies. I've suffered for many years, over several decades, and that's time I'll never get back. I don't feel at home here. Even though I'd say I'd had some quality time with familiy lately, I see Norway as dishonest, distant and cold. There is talk about how well off financially Norway is, the great welfare system etc. - but people really don't care about you, and I think part of the reason for that is that it is thought that the system should take care of you. People are kept separated through school, work etc. and you don't get the same level of connection and understanding and ability to follow up the people close to you.

The lies. Well, that's what got me blogging in the first place. I felt that I had to start blogging, because of the lies they put in my journal. Later they put this into formal writing and tried to give some more validity. I say they when I mean the Norwegian bureacracy. Both at the municipal and state level. These lies also led me to conclude that offical resources had been into the picture well [many years] before I got psychotic in 2009, and I was thinking about it today, it is so obvious now that they probably have been around for decades, not able to give me the help I needed.

A small addition to the webpage, which sounds dramatic, but I'm 41 now and not getting any younger. It is my wish that this webpage and my blog are maintained after I pass, using whatever funds I have at the time to keep it going for more or less forever. It will bear witness to what happened to one man in the country that currently ranks #4 on the OECD per GDP #4 on the OECD GDP per capita 2020.

[3rd of June 2022] It's been quiet here lately, but I have to say that it seems the bureaucracy has been active over a long period of time, and now that there is little communication (and less conflict) between me and the mother of my 2 children, it is fairly obvious that some agenda is being pushed.

Due to recent events, and things that happened 10-20 even 30 years ago, I'm starting to entertain the idea that a lot of the negative things that have happened to me over the years, are to cover up something and/or to defraud me of the (substantial) monetary compensation I am entitled to.

A little update here, as I renew the SSL certificate for leavingnorway.info.

There isn't much to say, but I guess I'm just getting confirmations, like a transaction on a blockchain, that the decision I made a while back was correct. Different things have happened over time, but the main method seems to be manipulation - that and (threats of, or actual) unpleasant behaviour. Things people get away with, things the police refuse to do anything about.

It's been quiet for a while, and I feel I'm in a better place mentally and physically. I think now is the right time to introduce the term "bureaucratic welfare fraud". Grossly negligent or premeditated evasion of welfare benefits to a citizen, with various detrimental effects.

I've done a lot of thinking, and having observed behaviour in different places, of different people, over a long period of time, I've become much less naive, and I see that I should've received care, benefits and treatment a lot earlier in life. For me, this has meant "a life less lived", and my focus the last couple of years have been mainly recuperating and improving my health. I see myself as qualified to earn a very good wage in IT-related work, but I'm not putting in a lot of hours, because of my health focus. So not only has this behaviour from the bureaucrats impinged my life so far, but it also has an effect on my situation today and in the future. When I see what people do and get away with, it is obvious to me that someone in the bureucracy should have caught on sooner, and helped me sooner.

This is obviously a draft page and design, but the message had to be put out there now, and the site will be updated and improved along the way.